Some examples for Airline company partners
Some examples for Airline company partners
ERV cooperates with some of worlds most successful and renowned airlines.
The insurances are offered through the airline website during the flight ticket booking process, stand-alone (before or after ticket booking), via airlines Call Centers and through airlines’ ticket agents.
Typical products offered through the airlines are trip cancellation and travel insurance packages which cover all risks throughout the journey.
Specialised aviation products like SAFI (Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance) or missed connection insurance are available upon request and availability on the respective market.
The benefit for the airline which operate internationally is the presence of ERV and their local knowledge of the market requirements. This local knowledge ensures the best fitting product is offered to customers from different countries : by both covering the required legal requirements on the specific market and the specific customer needs.
Airlines wishing to offer insurances internationally receive a "one-stop shop" with ERV extensive international knowledge, ensuring the maximal yield on ancillary revenue.
ERV offers the insurances both through GDS/CRS (e.g. AMADEUS, Sabre) or via its own in-house systems which are WebServices based (SOAP/XML). Both approaches enable a seamless integration into Airlines sales channels, online and offline.