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To cancel or not to cancel? Good advice doesn't have to be expense!

Medical Cancellation Advisory
Medical Cancellation Advisory

Married couple Karin and Roland B. found out what extra service is worth at first hand. Three months before their long-awaited annual holiday in Egypt, a small cut on Mr B's foot got infected and soon spread. Now good advice was precious. Should they cancel their much longed-for annual holiday and go without or wait until the last minute and risk being left to shoulder the cancellation fee?

These costs are generally only refunded if the illness is reported to the insurer immediately. Luckily, the couple had taken out travel cancellation insurance with ERV, because the exclusive Medical Cancellation Advisory team makes this difficult decision for the customers at its own risk.

All it took was a phone call by Roland B. to the independent and experienced travel doctor. Given the course of the illness, he advised Mr B. not to cancel the trip. Luckily for him, the infection healed, meaning that he and his wife were able to fly off to his dreamland Egypt.

The rapture of the deep

Preparation for dive
Preparation for dive

Mexico is a veritable driver's paradise. Leonhard M. had already explored the fascinating underwater world on a number of occasions. But during his fourth dive in Mexico he overestimated his abilities. Fascinated by the diverse aquatic fauna, he dived deeper and deeper and literally ended up out of his depth.

Surfacing according to regulation - including the necessary breaks - was no longer an option. Leonhard M. resurfaced far too quickly and collapsed.

His diving buddies took the right measures without delay and attempted to reach the nearest decompression chamber, where Leonhard M. had to spend 17 hours undergoing treatment. In the meantime, the ERV Emergency Call Centre was informed. In no time, they in turn sent a fax to Mexico guaranteeing that they would pay any costs and arranged German-speaking carers for the patient.

The treatment costs in Mexico came to EUR 15,452; something Leonhard M. didn't have to worry about though thanks to ERV's assistance!

What does an Indian swordfish have to do with us?


A whole lot; especially when our customers are confronted with its pointy end! Anne M. gave the following graphic description of her close encounter of the third kind:

"The accident occurred on the last day of my holiday. Whilst out on a sailing trip, I was sitting on the edge of a sailing boat when a swordfish suddenly leapt out of the water, impaling my behind and causing a deep, bleeding flesh wound! To add insult to injury, I dropped my camera out of shock. It was of course ruined because of the salt water in the boat. With the help of a fishing boat, I was brought back to the beach hotel where I was soon patched up."

ERV covered the financial loss caused by this malicious attack, reimbursing Anne M. the costs of her bikini, the camera, the fishing boat called in to help and the medical expenses in Goa.

So, ERV travel insurance can also help in the event of vicious fish!

Who, how, what?

The crucial hours before the return journey!

Call center agent
Call center agent

20 June 2010, Emergency Call Centre in Munich.

A call from South Africa. While the whole world was following the Football World Cup in South Africa with baited breath, Mr M. from Munich had other concerns. His wife was stuck in hospital in Plettenberg Bay with a broken thigh bone that needed operating.

This is where the Emergency Call Centre team's competence and many years' experience came into play:

  1. Which hospital was able to perform the operation reliably?
  2. What was the best way to arrange her admission there?
  3. Who was to arrange the transport there by ambulance accompanied by a doctor?
  4. What was the quickest way to get the cost payment guarantee to the hospital?
  5. What was to happen with Mrs M. after the operation?

The Call Centre quickly and professionally took care of the organisation and arranged for Mrs M. to be transferred to a private hospital in George. Before she was operated on, the Emergency Call Centre's medical service team called the traumatologist at the private clinic to verify the professional competence of the clinic again.

27 June 2010 - on board a Lufthansa plane:

After the call centre had obtained the consent of the airline's medical desk, which took a day, it was finally time to head home! This took a load off Mr M's mind: Accompanied by a doctor, Mrs M. was flown back to Munich in a reclining position, where her treatment was continued.

Skiing holiday - a debt trap?

Sabine G. preferred to take precautions!

Agent working on PC
Agent working on PC

"Unfortunately we don't have an agreement with the main association of the Austrian social insurance institutions or the regional health insurance funds and are therefore unable to settle any claims in accordance with the EU treaty E111."

A small note on the bill with major consequences! In plain English, such cases are not covered by statutory health insurance. Sabine G., employee at ERV, takes personal stock of her holiday: EUR 2,682 for the air ambulance from the ski slope and just under EUR 5,000 for treatment in the clinic. How comforting that all she has to do is pop these invoices into an envelope and ERV will take care of the rest.

Austria's Rettenbach glacier in retrospect:

The experienced skiing enthusiast is still unable to explain how the accident came about. It was her final downhill run on the last day of her skiing trip when suddenly her skis got wedged, there was a loud snapping noise in her knee and she fell over. A mere ten minutes later, the mountain rescue service arrived on the scene with a rescue sled, after which everything went very professionally and smoothly. Since the glacier road was blocked, she was flown by helicopter to the nearby sports clinic. Once there, her husband notified ERV, which promptly faxed the clinic a cost payment guarantee for the further treatment and the operation.


  • Last year, around 7,000 winter sports enthusiasts had to be hospitalised in Austria following skiing accidents. Not even professional skiers remained unscathed!
  • Anyone venturing onto the slopes without private insurance cover should ensure that they have ample funds in their current account. Rescue costs or return transport bills are usually assigned to factoring banks with payment due either immediately or within several days! The statutory health insurance generally does not meet these costs

Travel story from a satisfied customer in Denmark...

Bike accident
Bike accident

"To travel is to live", but even the most carefully planned trip can result in complicated and unforeseen events.

Whether you have lost your luggage, your flight is cancelled or you are injured, travel insurance from Europæiske ERV is designed to keep your trip on track.

Our goal is to make your vacation unforgettable for all the right reasons!

Hip surgery in Moyale, Kenya, March 2 2011

In March 2011, 51-year-old Jesper Jensen was on a journey to Africa, where the tour, among other destinations, went to the small Kenyan town of Moyale near the border to Ethiopia.

The time was exactly 10:55 on March 2, when Europæiske ERV’s Emergency Centre received a call from Moyale. Jesper needed immediate assistance!

On a bike ride around Moyale, Jesper fell off his bicycle and was badly injured. Luckily he was not alone. His travelling companions responded rapidly, and called Europæiske ERV's Emergency Centre immediately.

From the moment the alarm centre received their call, a team of qualified doctors and specially trained Assistance Coordinators was ready to advise and assist with the further medical progress.

It soon became obvious to the emergency service that Jesper had broken a femur near his hip, and he was quickly evacuated to Nairobi as the treatment options were limited in Moyale.

In a letter to Europæiske ERV’s Emergency Centre Jesper wrote later that, "from the moment Europæiske ERV were contacted he felt that he was in good hands, and he was very content with Europæiske ERV’s ability to act quickly, and the commitment to help in general."

Europæiske ERV's Emergency Centre estimated that Jesper, in light of his injury and the limited treatment options, had to be flown by air ambulance to

Nairobi Hospital. The Emergency Centre booked an air ambulance from the "Flying Doctors". They also consulted Nairobi Hospital beforehand to ensure that the hospital had the necessary resources to examine and treat Jesper, and at the same time announce his arrival in advance.

In his letter to Europæiske ERV Jesper also said that "the Ambulance aircraft from The Flying Doctors had impressive modern equipment and competent, friendly staff."

At Nairobi Hospital the doctors were ready to receive Jesper. The doctors could confirm that Jesper had a femoral fracture that was so complicated and close to the hip that both the femur and the hip had to be operated. As it was stated that Jesper had to undergo surgery, the Europæiske ERV Emergency Centre immediately requested the credentials of the hospital surgeon. This way, Europæiske ERV was able to ensure that Jesper was in the best and most qualified hands.

"Nairobi Hospital did a very good job, and I'm glad that Europæiske ERV’s Emergency Centre participated in the decision about what should happen to me," Jesper said after returning home...

After a successful operation, Europæiske ERV’s Emergency Centre provided Jesper with safe and secure transport back to Denmark.

Jesper himself said that "the journey back worked perfectly, and that he at no time was left to himself."

Jesper Jensen ends his story with the conclusion that "after this experience I will always maintain adequate insurance when travelling abroad."