ERV travel & care: your mobile travel companion that helps you to stay safe.

ERV travel & care App screenshots
ERV travel & care App screenshots

“ERV travel & care” is a personal safety and early travel warning solution that provides many utilities regarding safety on trips and useful information about the countries one is traveling to.


  • Keeping travelers safe whilst on the go: information on security risks for the current location updated 24/7 in real time
  • Personal concierge: locations of hospitals, police stations, ATMs, petrol stations, embassies and links to Tripadvisor recommendations
    ERV’s app offers newly designed maps showing e.g. the nearest hospitals. The “preferred partner-hospitals” (institutions audited by ERV) are clearly marked so that the ERV-customer has a kind of quality index. This is especially useful in countries with a less developed medical infrastructure.
  • Travel companion: PIN protected document safe for insurance and other important travel documents
  • Keeping families reassured whilst travelling: setup of pre-populated text messages for friends and family in case of emergency


The “ERV travel & care“ app can be tested for 30 days, beyond that period an insurance policy by ERV is needed.


  • One exclusive service offered to all ERV’s clients with a valid annual insurance is the insurances’s emergency number. The client reaches 24/7 competent doctors speaking different languages who can exchange information and give advice to the local medical responsible. A very important feature is the so-called cost transfer guarantee that enables each patient an immediate treatment because of ERV confirming unbureaucratically to take over the medical costs.

ERV travel & care uses groundbreaking positioning and warning information technology to provide real time travel and risk information at your location. This has been developed for many years to fit the needs of such as business travelers, NGO´s and government agencies for high-end travel security information. The technology automatically filters warnings and information, such as dangerous environmental disasters, civil unrest, disease outbreaks and terrorist attacks, for you based on where you are in the world. This means relevant real-time warning information before anyone else, avoiding spam information.

The app keeps you safe and helps you to avoid threats wherever you are. Plan your travels according to current information, get local alerts and warnings, and get automated local advice when arriving at a new destination.

Battery disclaimer:

ERV travel & care relies on continued use of GPS running in the background which can decrease battery life. However due to smart throttling of the GPS the impact is reduced to a minimum.